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Expect More from Your EHR

With M*Modal Fluency Direct, Your Voice is All You Need

"Being able to capture the patient’s story accurately has a huge impact on patient care.
So it is critical that we can capture as much depth and richness as possible. And M*Modal allows us to do that."

— Dan Fischman, MD
Lead physician and champion, Clinical Informatics projects, PinnacleHealth

With M*Modal Fluency Direct, physicians can populate and navigate your EHR with just the sound of their voice. Doctors will actually want to adopt EHRs with Fluency Direct, improving the quality of your clinical data while accelerating the documentation process.

M*Modal Fluency Direct is:

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Economical
  • Easy

Speech-enable your EHRs with M*Modal Fluency Direct. Discover how by downloading a whitepaper, product sheet or case study!

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Hear what Daniel Fischman, MD, PinnacleHealth Systems, has to say about M*Modal Fluency Direct.